Atomic Hype is an international, full-service marketing agency specializing in connecting high-value company sponsors with top-tier professional cosplayers and influencers. Together, our award-winning, experienced talents boast global social media followings in the millions.


Whether your company represents comics, manga, anime, or video games, let us bring your brand to life. 


Founded by geeks and gamers, Atomic Hype’s love of anime, manga, video games, and comic books inspires us to embody the ideals that give us happiness and joy.


Our vision is to bring characters and worlds to life with our talented team of cosplayers, photographers, videographers, writers, producers, and graphic designers.

We are dedicated professionals who understand both our demographic (our fellow geeks and gamers) as well as how we can best promote your brand.


Atomic Hype is the first and only marketing agency that specializes in connecting high-value company sponsors with top-tier professional cosplayers. We know how much your brand means to you, let us bring it to life.



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